In December 2015 Tebbs flew over to Sierra Leone to ensure that Tebbs SC Uk carries out this wonderful work within the rules and regulations of the country. In the three weeks we were there we were able to register Tebbs SC SL, employ a Project Manager who is responsible for overseeing the project, and to kick start the process of the building project.

Finding the right contractor:
We held a bidding process for possible contractors during January 2016 to March 2016.
We had three contractors who submitted individual bids, unfortunately only one can get the contract. Wemokah International ran by George Payne-Bailey won the bid, and the contract was awarded to the company to carry out the work.

The contract was signed on the 21st April 2016

Start of the building work:
With contract signed and Tebbs Second Chance SL registered in Sierra Leone work started on the site on 23rd April 2016

Part 3 continues tomorrow