Challenge yourself, have fun and help us make a difference

There are hundreds of ways you can fundraise for Tebbs Second Chances to help the less fortunate annd transform the lives of children in Sierra Leone and Gambia.

Whether it’s running a marathon, organising a local concert or bring and buy sale or sponsored walk across town you can help change lives… £12.50p / month or £3 / week (remember that’s less than 40p per day for a child’s education). You’ll know every pound you raise will be making a real difference.

Take a look at the pages below for our hints and tips to get started, or contact us on or phone us on +44 (0) 7506 770 698 to find out more.

Over 3000 stationery packs donated
8 schools in two countries – Sierra Leone and Gambia
1 School rebuilt in Waterloo, Sierra Leone
15 students on the sponsorship programme

The best way to get involved is to sign up to our sponsor a child education programme

Of course we were going to say that. But we only say it because it’s true. Sponsoring a child transforms a child’s life, not only by providing for their physical and educational needs, but also helping them feel loved and part of your family.

Become a child sponsor