Our History

I am an accountant by trade and very much outside of my comfort zone, but God has planted in my heart the desire to make a difference in other people’s lives, as others have made an impact in mine. I am excited and enthusiastic about doing this.


For years now I have wanted to do something but never had the courage or the nerve to take the first step, until December 2008 when the idea of a stationery drive came to me. Armed with the idea and an upcoming visit to Sierra Leone, I ran with it.


Whilst in Sierra Leone, I spent some time speaking to individuals who are familiar with the schooling system in Sierra Leone. I also visited some of the schools and this was a real eye-opener. Although what I saw was part of the norm in Sierra Leone (i.e. children going to school, participating in sports bare-footed and going to school with no school materials), I realised that this shouldn’t be.


The idea behind the stationery drive is to encourage people to donate stationery which I will then take over to Sierra Leone and personally distribute to each and every student in various schools.


In 2009 we were able to bless the children of Bavia School and Lisam School in Sierra Leone. In 2010 we continued working the Bavia and Lisam schools but also worked with two new schools in Sierra Leone, Hi Lance and Fatah-Rahman. In 2011 we worked with Sybanclaire School in Sierra Leone, then crossed borders to the Gambia for the first time, where we worked with New Life Centre Kanifing School. In April 2012 we donated computer equipment and stationery items to Maranatha Primary School in Regent Sierra Leone. In April 2013 we revisited the Regent area of Sierra Leone to gift stationery items and reading books to 285 children at SAYO Primary School.


Starting a sponsorship program has always been my desire and is another way of helping our youth of today to achieve their potential, regardless of their circumstances.

The vision was started in April 2013 with just four children initially and has now increased to fifteen over the last couple of years, excluding the non-schooling years due to Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Those who are interested in supporting this vision will be encouraged to sponsor the education of a primary school child for at least one year or ideally until they primary school.


In May 2014 our building project was birth. Tebbs Second Chances in partnership with Hengisbury Investment Partners joint forces and built and donated a primary school building to the Maranatha Primary School based in Deep-Eye Water, Waterloo, Sierra Leone. However due to the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis  we postponed the starting of the project until April 2016,  the building was finished and handed over to the community on Friday 21st April 2017.


I have chosen to name this project Tebbs Second Chances after my late grandmother. Although I didn’t know much about her, I feel I have to thank her in some way because she gave me the best gift in the world, my mother. I hope and pray that this is just the start of something big. Today, Sierra Leone, tomorrow, who knows…

Fiona Luke Founder,
TEBBS Second Chances