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As most of you may have heard, Sierra Leone and its neighbouring countries have been seriously affected by the Ebola outbreak. Thousands of people have lost their lives, including over 12 of Sierra Leone’s highly trained doctors and over 200 health workers.

The World Health Organisation’s latest statics suggest that as a nation the number of new cases has been gradually dropping. Read more


With the crisis still heavily present and the nation’s schools having been closed for the past eight months, we are looking at and reporting on ways that education is continuing in spite of the closures.

Government and NGO radio scheme

In October, the Sierra Leone government partnered with UNICEF and other NGOs to launch a radio education programme available for all school children. This is broadcast daily from 3pm to 5pm – Read the full article on the Huffington Post website

International School

I’m proud to report that the International School in Freetown has been very proactive during this period where thousands of children has been home unable to attend school. The school has provided their students with educational materials on CDs along with hard copies of questions, textbooks and exercise books. Each CD pack represents a term.


Schools reopening

The Sierra Leone Government has now announced that schools are scheduled to re-open on 16 March, with the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) national exams scheduled to take place on 24 March. Read More

Our aim

Tebbs SC aims, with help from you our fantastic donors, to sponsor at least another 40 children when the schools are re-opened. Please help us to support the children of these poorer communities by sponsoring a child’s education for a minimum of one year. We want to ensure that children who are less fortunate can still go on to achieve their potential in life by receiving an education.

How you can help

You can register now. We have an on-line application form which gives you two payment options. Once we have processed your application, you can donate by paying directly into our Sponsor a Child bank account, or you can donate via PayPal.

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