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The Maranatha School Project

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Project Description

School Building Programme  – Our 3rd Initiatives

Building Project – The Maranatha School

In April 2012 Tebbs SC visited one of four Maranatha Schools in Regent, gifting stationery packs to over 560 school children and over 1000 reading books, computer equipment to the school.

In May 2014 the school was chosen to be gifted a building by a very generous sponsor Hengistbury Investment Partners.

The Maranatha Schools Background

The Maranatha Schools were started by a native man of Sierra Leone called Mr Theophilus Jumu, two of the schools were started during the 10 years civil war and the other two was started after to help the children who were victims of the war.

The schools were setup in local poor communities that had no education-al facilities around their surrounding areas. These schools allowed the children in these areas to have a quality education by experienced teachers.

The four Maranatha School are located in Regent, Leicester, Deep Eye-Water Waterloo, and Benguema Grassfield Waterloo

Current School Building Conditions,

We will be focusing our building project at the Deep Eye-Water Waterloo Maranatha School.

Being one of two local school in the area, the school increases every year by around 100 children. Now in 2017, the school has a total of 515 students (238 boys & 277 girls) with 12 teachers who are being made by the government and 3 community teaching assistance.

With a long makeshift tin shaft with inadequate ventilation partitioned into four classrooms. Each classroom currently holds up to an average of 65 children divided into two groups. In each room, there are two classes per day, with two teachers, teaching two different subjects.

The rooms do not have any partitions. During the rainy season you have water dripping into the rooms due to the leaking roof and during the dry season the classrooms are like saunas.

Our Building Plans

In October 2015 Tebbs SC with the help of our sponsor Hengistbury Investment Partners, started the process for constructing a single storey rectangular building comprising of eight classrooms.

During December 2015 – April 2016 we carried out a bidding process

Three reputable contractors in Sierra Leone bided for the building contract and the successful contractor (George Pine-Bailey – Wemokah International) was chosen on the 26th April 2016…

Our Project Manager/ Constructional Engineer is Olufemi Noldred, Handelmann Engineering & Business Ent.

The Building

The building will be constructed with cement for the exterior walls.

The interior partitioning would be constructed using plywood (MDF) to reduce the construction costs. The building will have a roof made of corrugated iron or zinc and with a ceiling to repel the heat from the corrugated iron or zinc roof.

The new building will provide space for a library / computer room, where the children can gain ac-cess to information technology and wider teaching and learning resources.


October  2015 – Tebbs SC travelled to Sierra Leone to sort out all Legal issues to starting the building process.

April 2016 – Building Project Started

January – March 2017 – Estimated End

April 2017 –  Grand Opening Ceremoney

How You Can Help

As the building is now completed we would like to equip the school with adequate fencing to ensure the children are secure whilst in school  Estimated Cost $13,500 or £10,500

Building Project Information


George Pine-Bailey, Wemokah International. Registered Office Address: 14 Pademba Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Project Manager / Constructional Engineer

Olufemi Noldred, Handelmann Engineering & Business ENT. Registered Office Address: 33 Andrew Street, Murray Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone.