Four children were selected for our sponsorship programme from two different schools in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Two children were selected from the Bavia Preparatory School in Congo Town and two from the Lisam Preparatory School in Juba Hill. The two children from Bavia Primary School are:

Olivia Davies – 6 years old

Olivia is in class one and lives with her aunty who makes a living as a petty trader. Her mother is middle-aged and not strong enough to work and her father is just recovering from a second stroke. Olivia’s school fees are paid by charitable donations and her teachers describe her as a very brilliant student.

Enitor Bangura – 8 years old

Enitor is in class two and lives with his grandmother. He was abandoned by his mother and his father was allegedly killed accidentally by a friend. Enitor’s school fees are paid from handouts from friends and family and his teachers describe him as a conscientious student.

Musa Fofanah – 6 years old

Musa is in the kindergarten class and he lives with both his parents. His parents work very hard to pay his school fees and Musa is considered to be a standard level student by his teachers.

Hawanatu Sankoh – 6 years old

Hawanatu is in the kindergartner class and she lives with both her parents. Through sheer hard work, Hawanatu’s school fees are paid by her father and she is considered by her teachers to be a standard level student.