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This year Tebbs Second Chances [Tebbs SC] celebrates its sixth year of working with disadvantaged schools in West Africa by officially launching their education sponsorship programme. By September 2014 Tebbs SC aims for SAIO, Bavia, Lisam and Maranatha primary schools in Sierra Leone and Gambia to have sponsors for five of their pupils.

Fiona Luke, founder, Tebbs Second Chances said:We aim to recruit 20 or more sponsors to pay for the education of children from poorer communities for a minimum of one year. We want to ensure that children who are less fortunate can still go on to achieve their potential in life by receiving an education”.

Catherine Newell, a sponsor from last year’s pilot scheme, said:Sponsoring a child with Tebbs SC is for us a family affair. I really wanted my three children to appreciate what a privilege education is and to give the gift of education to a child who otherwise would not get the opportunity to go to school. We asked our children to contribute towards the sponsorship from their own pocket money and were delighted when they gave enough to cover almost the entire cost! We got a photograph of the child we are sponsoring and a handwritten thank you card, which means the world to us because it makes the whole process personal and ‘real’. We feel secure in the knowledge that Fiona Luke’s personal involvement means that the money is going where it needs to go and that the best possible outcome will be achieved”.

Yvonne Garica, also a sponsor from 2013 pilot, said:I chose to sponsor a child through Tebbs SC as their programme is specifically aimed at supporting a child’s education. Education is the key ingredient in helping to encourage and inspire one to achieve in life, which benefits not only the individual but also the community as a whole. As the programme leader works with the schools in identifying the children to support, you can be assured the funds are going to those who will benefit the most from sponsorship”.


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Donate: £11 / month (Remember that’s less than 40p a day)
Bank details Tebbs SC: NatWest bank | Sort Code: 60-22-27 | Account No: 69170304 | Please quote your name

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Phone: 07506 770 698

Note to editors:

  1. For press enquiries – interview with Fiona Luke, founder, Tebbs Second Chances, logos and imagesfrom previous stationery distribution drives in Sierra Leone and Gambia, please contact Sophia A Jackson on or call 07855 86 77 78.
  2. TEBBS Second Chances was founded in 2008 by Fiona Luke and offers a helping hand to people who are less fortunate. The ordinary people who are trying to achieve the extraordinary by building their community, whether by schooling children in their homes or in a traditional school environment, but who cannot survive due to the economic climate of the country in which they live.
  3. Since it was launched, Tebbs SC has distributed stationery, reading books and computer equipment to over 3,000 children in seven schools in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.