Project Description

Our Sponsorship A Child’s Education Programme – 2nd Initiative

Sponsorship Programme

In October 2015, Tebbs Second Chances [Tebbs SC] celebrated its sixth year of working with disadvantaged schools in West Africa by officially launching our education sponsorship programme. By September 2019 Tebbs SC aims for SAIO, Bavia, and Lisam primary schools in Sierra Leone and Gambia to have sponsors for 50 of their pupils.

Our education sponsorship programme aims to support children whose families struggle to pay the fees required for their education.

We want to encourage individuals to support our vision and to help make a difference by sponsoring the education of a child. Sponsorship may include the payment of school fees and any other costs associated with attending school.

How your money will be spent

Our aim is to pay for the education of your sponsored child for a year or more. We will pay their school fees enabling them to continue attending one of the schools we already have a relationship with. We will provide you with a photo of your sponsored child, copies of receipts for all payments made on your behalf and an end-of-term school progress report.

Give a child a second chance in education

Sponsoring is an excellent way of helping children who, through no fault of their own, have nothing and no-one. This may be due to conflict, famine, natural disaster, poverty or a host of other reasons.

By sponsoring, you will offer a child real hope now and in the future. Your money will help provide them with a stable childhood in a permanent family home, as well as access to quality education. So when they reach adulthood, they can go on to lead a full and independent life.

Sponsoring a child can be a rewarding experience – for you and the children you’re helping. Read testimonials from current child sponsors.

How much will it cost?

For just 40p a day, you can change a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with Tebbs Second Chances.

Your support could transform the lives the children schools we support in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Gambia. Children living in the world’s poorest places, are especially vulnerable when natural disasters strike.

Your sponsorship will help with the their education for a child in need. And in the long term, your support helps that child and their whole community grow and thrive, giving them hope for the future.

With Tebbs Second Chances sponsorship, you’re the only sponsor that child has. So you will have a very special relationship, and get a unique insight into their life.

Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference your support can make.