TEBBS SC will offer a helping hand to people and communities who are less fortunate. We aim to support the ordinary people who are trying to achieve the extraordinary; people who are committed to building their community and educating their children using the limited resources they have. Whether they are schooling children in their homes or in a traditional school environment, they often struggle to survive due to the challenging economic climate in their country.

Our first step towards achieving this vision is to run a stationery project, where we collect and distribute essential stationery items to schools in these countries. The items we collect will not just be given to the schools but also to the children individually. We will personally deliver stationery items to each child in the schools we have identified, in order to guarantee that every single child receives a donation.

We will focus our efforts on schools that are in desperate need of support which have been identified by Tebbs SC during visits to Sierra Leone and other African and Caribbean countries.

Our second initiative which was trailed in April 2013 and launched in October 2015 is our  education sponsorship program.

  • We aim to support children whose families struggle to pay the fees required for their education.
  • We want to encourage individuals to support our vision and to help make a difference by sponsoring the education of a child.

Sponsorship may include the payment of school fees and any other costs associated with attending school.

Our third initiative is working with poor communities to help them re-build children educational facilities (e.g. school) within their communities. Our first building project with the Deep-Eye Water Community was completed in April 2017.

  • Download  Tebbs SC 2017 Printable Sponsor A Child Brochure [PDF]
  • Download  Tebbs SC 2017 Printable Brochure  [PDF]
  • Download  Maranatha School Building Brochure  [PDF]
  • Download Tebbs SC Sponsor A Child Application Form [PDF]