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At Tebbs Second Chances, we make every effort to give crucial help to children in Sierra Leone and Gambia. Your compassion will have a big impact on the lives of the some of the world's most helpless and poorest children.

Find out how we can help you to get the maximum value out of your large donations.

Make your donation to Tebbs Second Chances worth even more and at no extra cost to you! If you are a UK taxpayer, the Government’s Gift Aid scheme allows us to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid on your donations. Your donation of £10 could be worth £12.50 to the people we help.

So, if you can, please tick the Gift Aid box when you make a donation.

If you’re a higher rate tax payer, you can claim additional income tax relief on any Gift Aid donations you’ve made during the tax year, as well as on any gifts of land or shares. If you want us to benefit from your tax relief (as well as from receiving your gift), you can use Self-assessment giving to pass on the repayment to Tebbs Second Chances
If you complete a self-assessment tax return and are entitled to a tax refund, you can choose to have all or part of the repayment sent directly to us – this is called ‘Self-Assessment Giving’ or ‘SA Donate’.

You can also ask that the repayment is made as a Gift Aid donation. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) sends your refund (plus any Gift Aid tax repayment) directly to us by electronic transfer.